Keynote Presentations

Speaker Presentation

Michael Holman, Ph.D.
VP Research
Lux Research

The Innovation Paradox

Mark Bünger
VP Research
Lux Research

2020 Vision


Speaker Presentation

Kazuo Iwano, Ph.D.
Executive Officer and Chief Digital Officer, Emerging Technology and Business
Development Office
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation

Perspective of Information Technology’s Role Change and Associated Insights

Kevin See, Ph.D.
VP of Digital Products
Lux Research

The Best of Both Worlds: Using Data and Insight to Drive Your Digital Transformation
Anthony Schiavo
Lux Research
Materials 2030: Building a Digital Bridge to Tomorrow’s Business Model
Yuan-Sheng Yu
Lux Research
The Great Energy Transition: Scouting for Energy’s Five-Tool Player
Sara Olson, Ph.D.
Senior Analyst
Lux Research
The Rise of Consumer Health & Wellness: Selling Wellness: Do Consumers Pay for Perceived or Actual Value?
Rezal Khairi Ahmad, Ph.D.
Catalyzing Growth for Start-Ups & Small-Medium Businesses with Nanotechnology
Speed Pitches

GreenSync — Phil Blyth, Ph.D., CEO and Founder, GreenSync
IGL Coatings — CC Keong, CEO, IGL Coatings
Imagine Intelligent Materials
 — Phillip Aitchison, Ph.D., COO and Head of R&D, Imagine Intelligent Materials
Kerry Thacher, CEO and Founder, Librestream Technologies
NIESM — David Lester, Ph.D., CEO, NIESM


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